What is your favorite activity in Khabarovsk?

What is your favorite activity in Khabarovsk?

We are the Portland Khabarovsk Sister City Association

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For almost 100 years jazz music has been building bridges and connecting cultures across the globe.  From the Voice of America broadcasts of the 1950’s, to the historic State Department tours of Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and Dizzy Gillespie, to ground-breaking visits by jazz artists to China and the Soviet Union, jazz has opened the doors of dialogue and reached across borders, languages and cultures to create goodwill.


The Jazz Bridge Project is a collaborative cultural exchange between Portland, Oregon and its sister city Khabarovsk, Russia that is inspired by the role that jazz has played in bringing cultures together.  The Jazz Bridge Project is organized by PKSCA with the support of Portland State University’s Leroy Vinnegar Jazz Institute, the Alan Jones Academy of Music, and individual donors who appreciate the power of Jazz to promote world peace.  If you would like to be a part of the Jazz Bridge Project, please donate now by clicking the button below.


Learn more about the 2015 Jazz Bridge Project at the following website:  www.jazzbridgeproject.com  


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One thing Russia and the U.S. still do agree on these days is the monumental role played by the Soviet people in the defeat of Hitler, an achievement commemorated annually in grandiose style during the Russian holiday known as "The Day of Victory" or simply "The 9th of May".  Accordingly, in the spirit of Russo-American cooperation and friendship, the Portland-Khabarovsk Sister City Association (PKSCA) invited the public to a Victory Day celebration in the form of a gala reception on Friday May 8, 2015 at the Beaverton City Hall.

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Bridge to Russia is an annual cultural celebration commemorating more than a quarter-of-a-century of goodwill and friendship between Portland and its sister city in the Russian Far East , Khabarovsk. This year’s gala event, the product of a collaborative partnership between the Portland-Khabarovsk Sister City Association (PKSCA) and Portland State University (via the PSU Russian Club and Friends of Russian Program) was held Saturday November 8th.  PKSCA members, friends and family gathered at the 5th Avenue Cinema in downtown Portland for an exclusive showing of  "Nobody's River", an award winning short film about paddling the Amur River above and through Khabarovsk.  Attendees also enjoyed an exhibition of photographs by renowned Khabarovsk photographer Oleg Litvak, musical entertainment by Russian/Ukrainian bard singer Boris Smolyanksy, video-assisted presentations about Khabarovsk and its sister city relationship with Portland as well as information about PSU’s Flagship Russian Program.


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The Portland Khabarovsk Sister City Association is supported and - in great regard - is validated by its membership. While specific projects might attract funding from USAID and other funding sources from time to time, the Association's general operating budget comes solely from membership dues.  PKSCA would not exist without its all-volunteer Board of Directers and its membership dues.  PKSCA membership is on a calendar-year basis, although the Association begins its membership drive every year at its Bridge to Russia event in October.  PKSCA is a recognized 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.  All of our programs are funded by donors and grants, not by the City of Portland.

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The spring of 2014 saw an unprecedented sister city travel exchange between the Portland Khabarovsk Sister City Association and the Khabarovsk City Administration. In the 26 years of Portland’s sister city partnership with Khabarovsk there had never been a back-to-back goodwill exchange like the one that happened in June 2014.  As Portland's delegation returned from Khabarovsk’s Day of the City Festival - literally on the same flight - Khabarovsk's delegation arrived for Portland's Rose Festival. The whirlwind nature of the exchange notwithstanding, it was an exemplary display of sister city cordiality and friendship amidst a backdrop of international acrimony (over Ukraine)—in short, a prime example of what sister city partnerships should be all about.

Pictured left to right, are: President Alan Ellis, Head of the Khabarovsk Office of International Protocol Tatyana Ivanova, PKSCA Member Pam Hall, PKSCA Board Member Scott Rook and PKSCA Member Robbie Steeves.


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Let's Go To Khabarovsk!

Click on Lenin Square (below) to go to the Khabarovsk City Administration's official website!

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