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       The primary mission of PKSCA (as stated in our membership brochure under "What is PKSCA?") is to foster international friendship through cultural and educational exchanges and to facilitate social and economic ties between the citizens of our two communities. To that end, a top priority for PKSCA has been and continues to be organizing and sometimes sponsoring goodwill visitations to Khabarovsk. Information about some of the outstanding PKSCA-faciliated goodwill missions of the past can be accessed on this website via home page and via links to specific events and projects.

      Entering into 2017, PKSCA is focused on facilitating two ongoing visitation programs: An academic homestay high-school exchange and a Day of the City delegation (which you can read about on the home page as well as via links).           

      The Franklin High School/Gymnasium #5 educational exchange program was the result of a 2014 face-to-face agreement between administration and staff at Gymnasium #5 and a visiting PKSCA Day of the City delegation. The program was patterned after a similar exchange program (Presidential Partnership Exchange) in the 1990s between Russian language students at Lincoln High School and English language students at Gymnasium #5. The first exchange visit of the current program took place in April of 2015, with a group of Gymnasium #5 students and staff member visiting Portland, lodging with Franklin H.S. families, attending classes at Franklin H.S., and being treated to a wide variety of excursions. Franklin H.S. Russian language teacher (and PKSCA member) Laura Stuble reciprocated with a group of her students traveling to Khabarovsk the following spring, and the second round of the exchange kicked off last fall with the arrival of another group of Gymnasium #5 students and teacher arriving in Portland for a three-week stay. Ms. Stuble and students plan to reciprocate again in the fall of 2017, and fundraising activities are already underway (which PKSCA logistical assistance from PKSCA).

      Contact PKSCA President  Alan Ellis for information on how to make a donation to help this program continue. Thanks!  





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